vrijdag 17 december 2010

What to wear on New Year? 5 Looks

This is the time of year when the shopping-marathon begins; we are looking for gifts for family, friends and colleagues. And still it is necessary not to forget to buy a dress.

According to east calendar 2011 will be year of the Metal White Rabbit (Cat), therefore choose the New Year's dress of white, gold and silver shades. And time elements of coming year becomes metal don't forget about   sparkling ornaments and a shining smile.

Look 1.  1. Mango dress, 2 & 6 Hairband and Clutch from Accessories, 3. EyeShadow Palette Blue Dahlia, Surreal Violet, Estee Lauder, 4. Brooch WoolStreet, 5. Bracelet  Bijoux Land, 7. Pumps Kira Plastinina

Look 2.  1. Jacket Stradivarius, 2. Dress Kira Plastinina,  3, 4, 6. Earrings, Bracelet and Clutch Accessories, 5.   Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss, Burberry, 7. Pumps Topshop

Look 3. 1. Top Bershka, 2, 3. Leggings and Clutch Kira Plastinina, 4, 6. Earrings and Ring Diva, 5. EyeShadow Smoky Eyes Trio's, Bourjois, 7.  Shoes Topshop

Look 4. 1. Top Manoukian, 2. Skirt Mango, 3. Bracelets Diva, 4. Perfume Amor Amor Absolu, 5. Clutch Accessories, 6. Shoes  River Island

Look 5.  1. Dress  Manoukian, 2. River Island , 3 & 4. Earrings and Clutch Accessories, 5. Perfume Amor Amor Tentation, 6. Pumps Buffalo

donderdag 2 december 2010

Chanel PreFall : Paris Meets Moscow

Karl Langerfield has designed those amazing bags. As an inspiration for his collection he took "Russia". Good example of typical Russia, is Russian Dolls- Matryoshka.

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